Read Music Notes

Don’t allow all the funny looking little symbols on a piece of music to intimidate you. A yes answer lends itself to also understanding the elephant philosophy! It goes like this: How do you eat an elephant? Answer: One bite at a time.

Setting out to learn music is somewhat similar. If you look at the entirety of it you can get discouraged and choke by trying to bite off too much at once. You must swallow little bites at your own pace so as not to choke on too much information.

Activity based courses are available which are very effective. These activity laden courses are extremely successful in their teaching effectiveness. If you are not engaged in your course then you won’t want to participate and soon the learning comes to a screeching halt.

Multi-tasking is a big part of making music. You must take in the notes, depress the correct keys, and stay in time with the beat. In the beginning things come you seemingly at warp speed. It takes time for you to be able to handle things that are occurring so fast around you.

Every new player is impatient to get into playing quickly. The new player should try to have patience enough to be very deliberate in the selection process or risk ending up with a course that’s not a good fit for them. The chosen program needs a balance between strong curriculum and fun. If the enjoyment is there then people will want to participate and learning ramps up accordingly.

This article on how to read music was not designed to teach the how to part of reading music. This is written as an introduction to the concept that you need to carefully plan how you choose the correct course of instruction. You must do the research in order to find a course that meets your needs best.

It is exciting to embark on the new skill of learning to read music. Selecting the best course for your needs makes it even more special.

SUMMARY: The immediate priority when beginning is to find the right course for you goals. Once you have found that course then you can focus on the learning part exclusively. You can proceed at your own pace once in the correct course.

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